Argentina is considered the best place on earth for high volume bird hunting in general. This is due to the unbelievable abundance of doves and pigeons that exist in the region which in term concentrate by the millions in the central parts of Argentina such as La Pampa and Cordoba.

Our main hunting area is located in the Province of La Pampa where we offer clients high volume dove hunts until their shoulders drop, spectacular pigeon hunting or a combination of this outstanding wing shooting experience with some great big game hunting, all this without the need to travel and out of the same lodge. Our other hunting areas include the Province of Entre Rios and Buenos Aires where we have hunting grounds for specific big game species as well as waterfowl. In all of these areas of Argentina we provide big game hunts and wing shooting according to the species sought and the preferences of our clients.

In addition, Argentina is also a premier destination for the most demanding duck hunters in the world.

The great extensions of farmland combined with marshlands and lakes provide the perfect habitat for a large number and variety of waterfowl.

One of our main hunting areas are located in the Province of Buenos Aires due to the abundance in species and number of ducks in the region which produce one of the finest regions for duck hunting in Argentina. Our other waterfowl hunting area is in the Province of Entre Rios where we combine high-volume doves to the duck hunting experience. In all of these areas of Argentina we provide a top-notch service according to the species sought and the preferences of our clients.


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