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Wild boar hunting in Argentina is a very traditional and attractive option for any big game hunter. Most of the hunting for these magnificent and smart animals is done during the night from blinds, with nothing but the moon light to locate them. Although they can also be hunted during the day, the chances of getting one are much higher after dark. All our areas in Argentina are very well populated with wild boar.

Wild boars are a very unique challenge which is why Hunting wild boars in Argentina as part of a safari that includes multiple species is something we highly recommend.

Like some of the other species, wild boars were brought to Argentina over a hundred years ago by European immigrants for hunting purposes. Today wild boars inhabit most of the Argentinean forests and marshlands and in some places, they have become a serious threat to the indigenous ecosystems.

Wild boar hunting in Argentina can also be done with driven hunts in which we also specialize. This typical European method of hunting is a great experience for any hunter that wants to accept the challenge of shooting at fast moving targets. Our hunting packages can all be customized to include this species as well as a driven hunt.


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