As well as La Pampa, the province of Corrientes is one of the most important areas for Water Buffalo hunting in Argentina. This province is located in the northeast part of Argentina. The very extensive marshlands and thick forests are the perfect habitat for these large wild bovines that thrive in the area. This ecosystem is also home to the best free range Axis Deer trophies found in Argentina as well as other species such as wild boar and capybara. Other indigenous species that can be seen while hunting such as the Brocket Deer and the Cayman enhance the whole experience.

TGB Outfitters has the best properties for buffalo hunting in Argentina both in La Pampa and in Corrientes. Although both areas differ in landscape and the other species roaming each area, both make for a great hunting experience depending on the client’s trophy wish list. It is not uncommon for clients to hunt both areas in search of multiple species and to be able to experience hunting in two completely different areas of Argentina.

We consistently work on providing water buffalo hunting packages in Argentina to fit each client’s needs. Our accommodations and service are just part of the extraordinary water buffalo hunts we conduct.

Water Buffalo were introduced in Argentina for meat purposes during the last century and immediately adapted to the new territory. Their populations have grown at a steady pace and part of them have escaped into the wild where they have continued to grow. Like Red Stags in La Pampa, Water Buffalo have become another very sought after trophy in Argentina. Unlike other species, Water Buffalo can be hunted throughout the entire year.


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