“It’s always a rewarding experience to hunt with a guide who knows the animal’s behavior patterns in which you are pursuing as well as the area and surroundings you are pursuing the animals at. You are without question at the top of your game.

My recent experience I had with you was enjoyable and rewarding. We first spoke several years ago at one of the SCI shows and then communicated via e-mail for several years following. Never once did you put any pressure on me to make a decision about booking a hunt with you. You only answered all my questions over the years until I was ready to commit to a hunt and book with you. You knew the important facts to make my hunt successful, examples being always aware of the wind direction and always making sure we stayed in the shadows of the trees motionless.

During my last 40 years I have enjoyed the good fortune of hunting with some of the biggest Outfitters in the business as well as Outfitters that are quite small in comparison   even those that have no website and attend no hunting conventions. I have been more successful than I probably deserve earning the Pinnacles, Zenith and Crowning Awards with SCI along the way. Of all those I’ve hunted with I rate you as being one of the very best in the business and this is exactly why I rebooked another return trip with you less than 3 months after returning from my first experience hunting with you. It’s not always about the first, most or biggest animal. It’s really about the entire journey.

Your facilities are excellent, being clean and comfortable. Your employees were considerate to my needs and knowledgeable. The food was superb. Requiring everyone to put weapons in the gun cabinet at the day’s end is a practice that everyone should implement rather than leaving guns lying around while everyone socializes over cocktails. The safety behind this goes beyond words. Your hunting areas produced plenty of game especially considering free range. That shows good game management.

Most importantly what sticks in my mind is I was impressed by your personal interest in my well-being, safety, comfort level, as well as the quality of the game we were pursuing. Your persistence yet patience is unmatchable.

Thank you for the professional work you did in aiding me to obtain those animals I was pursuing and the good company. I can’t wait until next year when we hunt together again and share more memories.

Your friend”

Rusty Brines, USA

“I took my first trip with TGB Outfitters in March of 2019. AT was a professional throughout the entire process and the trip far exceeded my wildest expectations. From the very beginning he walked us carefully through the entire booking, airlines, ground transportation, on and on the list goes. Every step of the way, he managed every detail perfectly.

Once at the lodge, the entire staff who works for TGB went above and beyond as every expectation, from accommodations, food, personal service, equipment, firearms, and the Hunting was exceptional. I am an outdoor columnist and writer who travels the world over in search of hunting and fishing adventures. My time at TGB Outfitters was without a doubt, one of the best experiences I have ever had. I came as a client and left as a friend. We have already booked a return trip and hope to have many more as the years go by. Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of this gentleman and his business and please feel free to contact me for any assistance or information I can provide.”


Mark Rackay, USA

“It is my pleasure to recommend Alejandro Trigo. I grew up hunting and have had the opportunity to hunt in Mexico, Argentina, Canada and numerous places in the US. So it was easy for me to recognize First Class and that is what we received from the time we booked the hunt until we were on the plane headed home. We had professional escorts from the International airport through Buenos Aries to the regional airport to the lodge. It certainly made me feel welcome and special in a foreign country.

The lodge was great, and the food, wine and service was exceptional. We were served a wide variety of local delicious special dishes and cooked to order if desired. I was hunting Red Stag, Black Buck and Wild Boar. I had damaged my left foot prior to the hunt which limited my mobility some.

Alejandro rearranged my hunting pattern and sites to reduce the walking necessary. I was successful in getting a nice Trophy Red Stag and Black Buck electing not to try for the Boar. It was an Excellent Hunt and Adventure made possible by Alejandro and his team of professionals (Outstanding). I have many fond memories and stories that bring my photos to life.”

James Cravey, USA

“I highly recommend Alejandro Trigo. His operation is FIRST CLASS. From the guides he uses, initial trophy prep., and last but not least the accommodations were excellent. Everyone was very friendly and they were always making sure we were comfortable. He, in my wife’s and my opinion, is an excellent choice.”

Carol and Michael Glick, USA

“I recently went hunting with Alejandro in Argentina and can honestly say it was one of the best guided hunts I have ever been on. His professionalism and hospitality was exemplary and after hunting with him for 5 days we have become lifelong friends. The quality of the game was exceptional in all respects. During the 5 days, we hunted water buffalo and shot the 3rd largest water buffalo ever shot in South America and will be submitting the trophy for SCI records. The quality of the hunting areas and accommodations were perfect. He prides himself on attention given to hunters. I have hunted with quite a few outfits from Africa, Spain, British Columbia, Argentina and the United States and he is by far my favorite outfitter and friend.”


Peter Courtney, USA

“My wife Susan and I had the privilege of hunting with Ale in Argentina this past May 2018. Our experience with Ale was exceptional. I have dealt with dozens of outfitters and guides over many years of international big game hunting and can say that Ale is the best of the best. He communicates very well in preparation for the hunt. He focuses on every detail to make sure the hunt goes as planned. His hunts are challenging, demanding, and hard core with Ale’s energetic and positive personality they are extremely fun and rewarding. Ale was always looking at taking care of me and my wife in any way we needed in order to make sure our experience was enjoyable. He not only provided world class hunting but focused on the cultural, historical, geographical and environmental aspects of the experience which greatly enriched our understanding.”


Pat Teuscher, USA

“I have hunted many places; from Africa multiple times to Canada and throughout all of the United States and most recently Argentina. My travels have allowed me to meet many outfitters and many different guides, professionals and people in general. Some have been wonderful and others mediocre to less than desirable. I have to say that my experience with TGB outfitters was more than I had expected. It surpassed my expectations on a scale that cannot be measured. It was a hunt that I hope to one day duplicate; if I might be so lucky, each step of the hunt preparation from planning to dates and arrival in Argentina everything was taken care of by Mr. Trigo. The trip was wonderful, and all the efforts and attention given by everyone involved with TGB outfitters made it all the more comfortable and memorable. I have to say that I was more than pleased by the professionalism, efforts, honesty and care I experienced. The staff and guides were some of the best I have had the pleasure to meet and the wildlife available is second to none. The quality of stag, mouflon and the other wildlife offered is truly what is advertised, and the blackbuck herds are truly world class. I would suggest TGB outfitters to anyone wishing to experience Argentina for the first time…or their hundredth. I wish to return one day soon, God willing, and I plan on hunting again with Mr. Trigo and his capable hunting staff and guides.”

Marquetta Pisarcik, USA

“When it comes to South America hunting TGB Outfitters is world-class from planning the trip to achieving the extensive handling requirements of getting trophies cleared at customs. TGB Outfitters made a generation of lasting memories for my son and me.  The amazing guides lead us to 100% success rate to include Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Hybrid Sheep, Water Buffalo, Feral Goat, Blackbuck and a high-volume Dove / Pigeon afternoon hunt. Daily scouting through the woods surrounded by wildlife is encompassed by lodge camaraderie at the evening campfire, priceless. We’ve compared other South America outfitters to TGB with friends and family and there is no comparison when it comes to an overall hunting experience.”


Brian & Bryson Cheek, USA

“I cannot praise Alejandro Trigo and his staff enough. He runs a first-class operation, his lodge is stylish and comfortable… and the food!!! Well let’s just say I gained another unwanted and unneeded 10 pounds during my week long stay!”


Quintin Whitehead, SA

“I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience with TGB Outfitters. The entire experience was extremely positive. From the accommodations, the guides, and the absolutely excellent food, everything was done right. The quality and quantity of game was first rate; all of the animals we harvested were top trophies. The guides were very knowledgeable of the ranch as well as the tendencies of the game, putting us in position for the best chance for success. Alejandro and his team took care of both the big and small details that made our trip enjoyable from beginning to end.”


Matt Portch, USA

When we booked our trip with TGB Outfitters to hunt big game in Argentina, we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we couldn’t have had a better experience!  The lodging is very comfortable and clean, the food and wine were some of the best we have ever had and the hunting exceeded our expectations.  Of course our hosts and guides including owner Ale Trigo were very kind and warm and we couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and see how the day would unfold.  Being from the East Coast – the travel and recovery time were much easier than our trips to Africa.  We were able to successfully harvest several incredible animals including a gorgeous red stag, a fallow deer, an axis deer and a blackbuck – they all hang proudly on our walls at home.   I can say that we expect to return to hunt again with TGB – very highly recommended!


Beau & Lauren King, USA

TGB Outfitters is a first-class operation: Food, lodging and staff made the experience more than memorable! However, the reason I went was because of their reputation as an outfitter that could provide world-class big game hunting. I thought it would be good but that is an understatement, the quality both in size and quantity of animals was amazing. I have hunted with outfitters on four different continents and TGB Outfitters rates with them all. All that said, the most important experience I came away with is new friends! AT and his family made me feel at home and I cannot express my gratitude for that sense of home no matter where we are! Thanks Ale! when’s our next hunt?


Mark Gray, USA

“AT, thanks to you and TGB Outfitters for a fantastic hunt and overall experience. On an away trip, my primary concern is the hunting which was well above my expectations. My guide, Roberto, was very knowledgeable about the land and animals there. We did my favorite style of hunting, walk, spot and stalk. The lodge and setting was spectacular as was the Argentine food, service and wine. Every detail was already anticipated and was attended to. All in all, I rank this experience in my top two hunting trips. The other one was my first trip to Africa. Hard to compare as I had dreamed of going to Africa since I was a little boy. Congratulations AT and TGB Outfitters for running a First Class operation! I look forward to returning soon.”


Dave Easom, USA

“TGB Outfitters is a first class hunting operation aspiring to satisfy every client’s wants and needs!  After two different trips with TGB, I have learned that Alejandro and his staff strive for excellence through every aspect of the trip from the moment you are met at the airport until the minute you are dropped back off to depart.  On my last trip, my brother in law and I shot two buffalo of a lifetime, along with multiple other “bucket-list” Trophy Class animals.  Don’t let La Pampa deter you away from high limit wing shooting; La Pampa is a hidden jewel when it comes to birds!  Wing shooting in La Pampa was every bit as good as or better than any specialized wing shooting lodge I have personally hunted in Cordoba or Uruguay.  If you are looking for a World Class Experience run by an owner and staff you will end up calling lifelong friends…. look no further than TGB Outfitters.”


Cameron Kullbeth, TX, USA

Hunting with TGB was truly a hunting trip I will never forget.  Not only did we see lots of trophy quality game, have a wonderful place to stay, eat meals that were second to none but I got the opportunity to meet people that I still communicate with on a fairly regular basis. 

I have two regrets with my hunt, one is that I did not take my wife along, she would have loved the ranch and the people there, along with all the wonderful food.  The second regret I have was not taking the time to bird hunt while I was there.  If you are an upland bird hunter this is a wonderful place to shoot until your shoulder can’t take it anymore.

The actual species that I enjoyed hunting the most was the Black Buck, this particular hunt takes place in terrain similar to western North Dakota, where I grew up hunting North American Prong Horn Antelope.  It was a challenging hunt offering the need for stealth, long range shooting abilities and an opportunity to see a number of wild animals native to the country, unlike any other place in the world.

If you plan on making the trip, make sure you take the time to spend a couple days in Buenos Aires. There are some amazing sights that you will never see any place else in the country.  You can visit historical sites throughout the city, including churches, the above ground cemetery which contains the remains of many famous individuals in Argentina history. The architecture within the confines of the walls around the cemetery is amazing.  If you are there on the weekend you can get a chance to visit the weekend open air market where hand crafted original items can be purchased from local vendors.

All in all the experience was one which I will never forget, nor will I forget the people that made it as welcoming and fulfilling as any one trip I have ever been on.

Steve Schmit, USA

“I would like to share my positive experience and very high opinion of Alejandro Trigo. Me, my son and my son-in-law had the opportunity to hunt with Alejandro and his team.  We had a great experience due to the excellent communications, accommodations and execution by TGB Outfitters ARGENTINA, Alejandro and his entire team.

Alejandro (AT) and his team went above and beyond to ensure that we had a fantastic, safe successful experience.  Unlike many outfitters, AT and TGB Outfitters ARGENTINA absolutely delivered the experience that was advertised and promoted.  The TGB Outfitters ARGENTINA team members were knowledgeable and very well trained.  Special / unique dietary requirements and accommodations were welcomed, studied and extremely well prepared and presented for all meals. This type of planning and delivery comes from and starts at the top and Alejandro certainly deserves recognition for the team member training, and personal experience that he delivers. The animal quality was very good and everyone could be truly satisfied. Our guides were prepared very knowledgeable and well trained.”

Doug Hoofman, USA

“This was my first hunting trip in Argentina. We were fortunate to win the live auction item that TGB Outfitters donated at one of the SCI Conventions in Las Vegas. Our hunt took place the following year and all 3 of us in our hunting party were successful with the animals we were pursing.

The hospitality, professionalism and accommodations far exceeded our expectations. All of AT’s guides and very skilled and worked hard to put us on the caliber of trophies we were looking for. We also got to experience our first Argentina dove hunt and had a blast.

The lodge, Argentinian food and wine were amazing!!

I highly recommend TGB Outfitters whether this is your first trip for big game in Argentina or returning for additional animals.”

James Claiborne, USA

“TGB is First Class. We have been down twice and both trips have been exceptional from the start to finish! I would Highly recommend Alejandro and his staff!”


BJ Lewis, USA

“I’ve hunted with AT of TGB on two absolutely wonderful safaris!!. The experiences will be with me for the rest of my life…

The operation is top notch and can cater to every level of hunter. Excellent accommodations with an emphasis on the client. I have hunted around the globe and consider TGB my favorite destination!

I arrived as a client and left as a lifelong friend!! I will be back…!”

Dr. Anthony Rapoza, USA

“Hunting with TGB Outfitters was a great experience! Hunters will leave feeling like part of the family.

The animals are plentiful and of strong genetics. TGB is a one stop shop for all that hunting in Argentina has to offer!”

Brittany Boddington, Petersen’s Hunting, USA

“I want to start by saying what a wonderful relaxing time we had with Alejandro and TGB Outfitters.

Everything from per arrangement information on traveling to Argentina. Changing flights, adding time in Buenos Aries, all was seamless. Our first trip to Argentina was for mainly Red Stag, but turned out to be much much more.

My wife and I, and three other couple decided to book this trip. Once we arrived on the ranch the hunting began!! Great guides and unbelievable game animals, but most of all, great company and new friends.

We harvested 23 trophies on that trip and had them shipped back to the states. Alejandro, and his staff took care of all are needs, from the laundry service to the food and wine, even a birthday cake for the wife!! I enjoyed myself so much and was so comfortable at the lodge, that I decide to bring my 74 year old father and brother back down for wing shooting and Red Stag, the following year.

We were able to get my dad in a blind despite his disabilities for the Red Stag. We were successful, and again, Great time!! Turns out this would be my father’s last hunt due to his medical condition.

I can’t thank Alejandro and the team at TGB enough for their dedication to making our hunting adventure come true. If you’re considering Argentina for a hunting destination, there is no better choice than TGB Outfitters.”

Tom Cornell, CA, USA

“TGB Outfitters showed me a wonderful time during a recent visit. Great hunting and guides, great cooking including open-coal BBQ and the staff was wonderful.

My first visit to Argentina to hunt big game and birds could not have been better!”


Greg Parrott, USA.

“Dear AT and Danielle, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a fantastic time we had at your ranch. We missed being there as soon as we left!

The accommodations were first class, meals were incredible, staff were all top notch professionals and the hunting has to be seen to be believed.

That day of dove hunting is something I will never forget, what a blast! And that gorgeous red stag that Tracy took was the highlight of the trip for me!

Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality and we look forward to the day we can hopefully return there. Take good care”

John Chung, USA.

Alejandro, I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for a wonderful Free Range Red Stag and the Mouflon hunt this past season. The Hunting accommodations, menu and service exceeded my wildest expectations. I was made to feel more like friends than just a hunter while in camp.

I would be honored to recommend your fabulous outfitting service and hunting operations to friends and acquaintances. Regards,


Rick Johnson, TX, USA

“TGB organized and coordinated for my all inclusive sporting trip to Argentina.

The company owner, Alejandro, arranged for big game hunting (including indigenous species), wing shooting, fishing, and tour of Buenos Aries.

Included was transportation to four locations very distant from each other.

All species desired were taken. Also, his hunting lodge is well maintained and organized to provide a family like atmosphere which made one feel at home from the start.”


Ed Reich, NY, USA

Hi AT & Danielle, I thought I would share a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to your ranch. It exceeded my expectations and of course ending my trip with my gorgeous Red Stag was a moment I will always cherish. The accommodations, amazing staff, incredible food and hospitality was wonderful. Thank you for making our hunting trip fabulous!! Best of luck,


Tracy Chung, USA

“We hunted with TGB Outfitters and the variety of species on the property was plentiful and of trophy quality. During our nine day stay we were able to take a Mediterranean water buffalo, a blackbuck, white fallow deer and a collared peccary.

Alejandro, Danielle and their staff of knowledgeable guides and skinners, as well as cooks and house staff made our stay enjoyable and comfortable. All of the arrangements before, during and after our stay were handled professionally.

We would highly recommend TGB Outfitters to any hunter looking for a outstanding experience in Argentina.”


Pam & Larry Claxton, USA.

“Words cannot adequately describe or explain my experiences with TGB. Literally from the pre-trip planning until I returned home Ale and his staff made me feel as an honored family member and not a guest or client.

The focus was upon what I’d like to accomplish and the best way to do it.

Ale went out of his way to find a lost animal for me, finding it 3 weeks after I left and then arranged to have a shoulder mount for me.

The food served on a regular basis included meat from the day before and surpassed 4 & 5 star restaurants hands down.

Lastly, Ale’s attention to detail and planning is unlike any I have ever encounter – not only for a very successful hunt, but for the time in Buenos Aires afterwards. I am a very willing reference for him.”   

Bill Newberry – Alaska, USA

“We enjoyed a fantastic hunt with TGB Outfitters. Everything is first class – the lodging, meals, equipment, and of course the hunting.

Alejandro and Danielle Trigo are outstanding hosts, and we look forward to returning to Argentina and hunting with them again.”


Scott and Angela Chapman, USA


“TGB offers the best hunting experience, the total package, from pickup at the airport, lodging, side trips, a wide variety of hunting, great food, experienced guides, and expert care of trophies.

Best of all is the hospitality shown by Alejandro and his lovely wife Danielle. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip from start to finish, took some great animals, and brought back memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.”


Kevin Anderson, SCI Past President, USA

“My father and I have hunted in many places together, and our experience with TGB was one of the best! The lodge, the staff, hunting area and availability of quality game animals, as well as trophy preparation were second to none.

All of the details of our hunting trip from beginning to end were handled professionally without a hitch. The meals that we were served were without a doubt some of the best we’ve had on any hunting trip.

We would highly recommend hunting with TGB without any hesitation!”


Ron Mizrahi,

SCI Past Vice President, USA

“What a wonderful experience we had hunting and fishing with you. The quality of trophies taken and the amount of game encountered was amazing.

You and your staff did everything possible to make sure our trip exceeded all our expectations.

We hope to be able to travel to Argentina again and experience your warm hospitality and superb hunting and fishing.”


RJ Morehouse, AZ, USA

“My time hunting with TGB Outfitters was absolutely fantastic. I was able to experience their world class big game hunting and wing shooting during my stay, and both experiences were top shelf. Besides the great hunting, the lodge was new, incredibly nice and the best I have ever stayed in in South America. The food was to die for, and the staff that Alejandro has put together is very hard working and completely dedicated to making your stay one that you will never forget. I could not give TGB higher marks.”


Tim Herald, Writer & Host Magnum TV and The Zone, USA

“If you are anything like me, a hunting trip is about experiencing new places, cultures, scenery and flora/fauna. After 7 safaris to a couple of countries in Africa, I decided to explore South America, so I read about the different countries with good hunting.

Argentina was the best destination I found. I went to the Dallas Safari Club convention and searched out all the companies from that country. After visiting with the principals of 4-5 outfitters, I met Alejandro Trigo, and my search was over!

This was 2008, and I booked my first of many trips to Argentina with TGB Outfitters. My time spent with TGB, from the guides to the meals and lodging accommodations, to the diverse range of huntable species, to the sight-seeing in La Pampa and Buenos Aires was incomparable! I have been back 6 times; fishing in La Paz, hunting in Chaco, as well as side trips to Estancias outside of Buenos Aires chasing capybara.

The “old world” charm and graciousness of Alejandro and his staff make my trips memorable every time. TGB’s attention to every detail of my trip, from airport transfers to lodging comfort and excellent cooking prowess make these trips world class in every respect. Alejandro is better at English than I am, and his sensitivity to the needs of his guests keeps everyone comfortable and confident.

If you’ve never been outside of the USA on a hunting trip, you are cheating yourself of some memories that will enhance your life forever…book now, and don’t miss Argentina! TGB is the only name you need to know there!”

Jerry Hale, TX, USA

My daughter Tierani and I had a great time hunting with TGB Outfitters. Alejandro and Danielle are outstanding hosts. Very accommodating. We hunted all day and all night. Cooks were great, guides are patient and capable. Would be great to go hunting with TGB again!!”


Randy Brusett, USA.

“I did not know what to expect when we signed up for “big game hunting” in Argentina with TGB.

I kept thinking of millions of doves but I could not visualize world class big game hunting.

What a pleasant surprise it was when we arrived and got a feel for the layout of the hunting area.

The guides were very knowledgeable and friendly plus there was plenty of quality game. We had to hunt hard and it was challenging to stalk the different game.

I was very happy with my trophies and the overall experience. I highly recommend TGB if you want a great hunting experience.”

Keith Hawkins, TX, USA


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