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The high season in Argentina for Red Stag runs from March 1st to mid-April, although most of our game including Red Stags can be hunted until late September, and some even year round. Hunting in Argentina prices and packages may vary according to the chosen dates and species. This hunting time of the year is mainly autumn and winter in Argentina. Towards the end of March and the beginning of April the stags are in their rut, in which their behavior is similar to the North American Elk but with a much louder and deeper call, similar to a lion, which is why it is called a roar. Hunting during the rut is as exciting, challenging as unique as it gets. This is the ideal red stag hunting experience so with only 4-5 weeks in the rut, Argentina Red Stag Hunting Prices tend to be slightly higher during this time frame and hunts should be booked well in advance to secure great dates and pricing. 

Argentina Big Game Hunting prices may vary considerably between outfitters, just like rates vary significantly between any good, average and bad quality products and services. We offer the best and most comprehensive quality service available together with great trophies, outstanding lodging and hospitality. Book your hunt with us and saddle up for a great hunting adventure!