Axis & fallow deer hunts


TGB Outfitters has great properties in La Pampa and Corrientes to provide some of the best Fallow and Axis deer hunting in Argentina. The quality of the trophies taken each season and the consistent good results speak of our well managed properties and very healthy populations.

The Axis Deer hunting in Argentina is a hunt on its own. This species can be hunted year-round and unlike other deer species they breed all year round which basically means that at any given time during the year there will be hard horned bulls in rut.

The quality and quantity of superb free ranging Axis Deer found in our property in Corrientes is second to none in the world. For any hunter looking for an outstanding Axis Deer trophy, this is the place to go to get a free ranging gold medal monster.


Fallow Deer are similar to Red Stag when it comes to their rut timing, it will be from mid-March until mid-April, and they can only be hunted until mid-September when they begin to shed. Fallow deer hunting in Argentina during their rut is an extraordinary experience. The grunting can be heard from miles away and the hunt itself is very similar to Red Stag in the rut. These are probably the most aggressive species of deer during the rut and it not uncommon to see them fight for hours until complete exhaustion or death.

Both the Axis and the Fallow Deer are a great addition to any red deer hunting packages in Argentina we provide. Beautiful accommodations, exclusive service and extraordinary hunting make this a wonderful opportunity for any avid hunter.


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